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QT x Four Pillars

Kindred spirits, quirky confidantes. QT Hotels and Four Pillars share a love of causing a stir. Causing a commotion everywhere we go. Adding a little colour to everything we touch. And once again our worlds have collided in the form of bottled gold.

Meet Gilded Chaos Gin.

Led by Four Pillars’ co-founder and World Gin Icon Awards 2023’s Master Distiller of the Year, Cameron Mackenzie. It’s then been blended beautifully alongside Four Pillars signature botanicals by QT Hotels & Resorts’ best bartenders.

Elevate your bar cart with this limited-edition, unique Australian spirit, for lavish gatherings, intimate conversations and colourful celebrations. Take a sip, and let the chaos commence…

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Refined for modern tastes, Gilded Chaos is a gin with lengthened aromatics and lifted weight and texture. It delights on the nose with the floral tones of sage, and to taste, macadamia and cardamom for smoothness and elegance. QT dares to delve into a Four Pillars first with unique ingredients such as vetiver, a rare plant bringing savoury and earthy notes, wild fennel, and brightened by the citrus of lemon leaves..

Get to know Gilded Chaos with Cameron. From the nuances of flavour, it’s purity and balance, this gin is nothing short of extraordinary.


Served at your nearest QT

Launching with this gin are three luxe libations for expert imbibers, exclusive to QT restaurants and bars.

The Gilded Chaos Luxe Martini

A freezer-door martini designed for the drinker to make their drink completely theirs with a trio of garnish options. The martini evolves throughout the ritual, each garnish will provide a new drinking dimension to the flavours and structure of the Gilded Chaos Gin.


The Gilded Gibson

Incorporating modern techniques with old fashioned style. Cocchi Vermouth di Torino Dry, with its intricate blend of herbs and spices, adds a deep sweetness to heighten the macadamia, hinoki wood and vetiver in Gilded Chaos. To add an extra layer of aromatic charm, kaffir lime leaf is nitro-flashed with cocktail onion brine to bring a brightness in the savoury notes of the onion itself. And that is the Gilded Gibson.

The Gilded Gibson is exclusive to QT Hotels & Resorts in Australia.


The Gilded Elixir

A twist on the classic Martinez, a cocktail popular during the Gilded Age. The Gilded Elixir incorporates the tart sweetness from maraschino liqueur and sharp tang of verjus. Perched atop this cocktail is a caramelised lemon wheel, which is to be dissolved into the drink at the discretion of the drinker, adding the desired touch of extra citrus and sweetness.

The Gilded Elixir is exclusive to QT Hotels & Resorts in New Zealand.

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Australia ACT: Captiol Bar & Grill at QT Canberra NSW: Gowings at QT Sydney, Jana and Rooftop at QT Newcastle QLD: Yamagen at QT Gold Coast VIC: Pascale Bar & Grill and Rooftop at QT Melbourne WA: Santini Grill, and Santini Bar New Zealand Rooftop at QT Auckland Reds at QT Queenstown Lobby Lounge at QT Wellington