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Sean Connolly

Creative Director of Food & Beverage, Rooftop at QT & Esther, QT Auckland

Inspired by his extensive travels throughout the Mediterranean and Middle East, renowned Chef Sean Connolly, developed QT Auckland’s award-winning signature restaurant concept at Esther and the playful cuisine at Rooftop at QT.  

British born, Sean’s experience in the kitchen spans the globe, from cooking on the QEII to working in high profile restaurants across Sydney, Adelaide, Dubai and here in Auckland, which he refers to as his second home. 

Earning celebrity chef status, Sean has an impressive collection of awards and chefs’ hats, plus his own broadcast and documentary series. With extensive experience developing restaurant concepts, he has even lent his name to some – and at QT Auckland, has drawn inspiration from his grandmother Esther, one of the greatest influences on his career. 

Sean’s culinary style is centred around simplicity. Chasing food of the sun, QT Auckland’s menus feature flavours and soft spices from Sicily to Southern France to Morocco.