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QT Cellar

What is fine dining without fine wining? We dread to think.

At QT Newcastle, we’re opening the master cellar door and letting the drinks flow. Let our sommeliers pique your palate, whilst our award winning bar staff mix up flavours to savour pre and post meal.

QT Newcastle

Popular Products

QT Cellar
As the finest pack of our offering, you can expect wines of style, substance and a healthy dash of our legendary QT sass.
QT Cellar
Prepare for full flavours and empty bottles at your place, as the bold, fruity selections in our Myrrh wine pack brings joy to your world.
QT Cellar
Christmas just isn’t Christmas dinner without Christmas drinks, so grab a Sav with your pav, a Rosé with your roasties, a Shiraz with your stuffing and indulge.
QT Cellar
Red at night? What a delight. QT Newcastle have hand picked this selection of red wines from Jana Restaurant & Bar.
QT Cellar
Passionate about showcasing a wide variety of winemakers, Jana Restaurant & Bar has handpicked three of their finest white wines for a one-way ticket to your place.
QT Cellar
QT Newcastle’s, Jana Restaurant & Bar, has created a work of art with this stunning blended wine pack.